About us

Park School was founded in December 2011 by a small group of international parents living and working in Kosovo, as the first community based English speaking preschool and kindergarten in Kosovo.

In September 2014, Park School introduced a Montessori based methodology, focusing on five key developmental areas: 1. Practical life, 2. Sensorial, 3. Language, 4. Math and 5. Art.

In June 2016, Park School become a member of the Montessori Europe – an organization established in 2000 to enable and encourage Montessori pedagogy at political, social and educational levels throughout Europe.

Our aim is to provide best quality preschool education and life skills to prepare children for formal education and beyond. All of our teachers are certified in Montessori methodology.

Our school has three mixed-age groups: infants, toddlers from ages 1 to 3, and primary 3 to 6 year old. Each class is attended by a qualified Montessori Teacher and an Assistant.

Outdoor activities and free play form an integral part of every day. The school has its own 500 sqm (5500 sqft) grass playground, planting area, playhouse, sandbox, swings and much more.

Indoors, all our classrooms are well equipped with licensed Montessori learning materials, allowing children to explore and express themselves freely. Our teachers cater to individual child needs and use observation to guide and help children learn and develop at their own pace.